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Public Safety Diver Instructor- Learning to Teach Public Safety Divers:

Throughout this course you will learn to train others in the rigorous skills demanded of a Public Safety Diver. You will be tested on your knowledge and expertise in this area. If you think you have the adequate public safety dive experience and abilities as a diving instructor, consider taking this next step. Please contact us for the details on how to do this.

Some of the skills that are covered are:
  • Rescue readiness.
  • Teaching how to manage an emergency.
  • Course equipment considerations and familiarization.
  • Rapid response techniques.
  • Underwater emergencies.
  • Total course hours: 30 hours
  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Prerequisite: Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Dry Suit Specialty Instructor, Full-Face Mask Distinctive Specialty Instructor, three additional PADI Specialty Instructor ratings (search and recovery, night, underwater navigator, emergency oxygen provider, and/or limited visibility distinctive), current Emergency First Response Instructor, proof of affiliation with a public safety diver team, with proof of experience with 10 missions and proof of Incident Command Training Level 200